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By clue, give the words that start with 'SQ' (and try not to laugh at how they sound).

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Forced Order
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Number of LettersWordClue
Five LettersPigeon Meat
Five LettersMilitary Group
Five LettersCrouch Down
Five LettersShort Kickoff
Five LettersCalamari
Six LettersStorm Cloud
Six LettersFour Sided Figure
Six LettersRacquet Game
Six LettersCrow Noise
Six LettersMouse Noise
Six LettersGuinea Pig Noise
Six LettersMarijuana
Six LettersCompress the Eyes
Six LettersKnight's Attendant
Six LettersWriggle When in Trouble
Number of LettersWordClue
Six LettersBrand of Soda
Six LettersMash and Flatten
Seven LettersAbject Poverty
Seven LettersGets the Grease
Seven LettersApply Pressure
Seven LettersSuppress Radio Signal
Seven LettersArchlike Support
Seven LettersLike Play Doh
Eight LettersArgument
Eight LettersGroup of Airplanes
Eight LettersSpend Wastefully
Eight LettersWindow Wiper
Eight LettersBendy and Curvy
Eight LettersOutdoor Rodent
Nine LettersNervous in the Gut

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