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By clue, give the words starting with 'sn' that have to do with the nose

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Sound made from smelling with the Nose
Make loud sounds from the Nose while sleeping
Make a sharp inward noise with Nose
Greedily eat, stuffing food rapidly under the Nose
Smokeless tobacco often inhaled into the Nose
Disgusting gunk that comes from the Nose
Laugh sharply, making clicking sounds with the Nose
Wrinkle one's face and Nose in anger
Aggressive growling sound made with Nose
Bit of food placed under the Nose between meals
Smell around with the Nose where one does not belong
Briefly sleep, usually making sounds with the Nose
Cartoon dog with a big Nose
Loudly expel germs from the Nose
Person with a carrot for a Nose
Slang term for a Nose
Long Nose on an animal
Swim underwater, plugging Nose and breathing with a tube
Material that makes one's Nose cold
Nose sounds when one has a cold

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