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Which team currently has the longest World Series drought?
Which MLB team is the only one never to have pitched a no-hitter?
Which player has the record for highest career batting average at .366?
Which pitcher currently holds the record for most no-hitters thrown?
Which team won the first World Series in 1903?
Which team intentionally lost the World Series in 1919?
Where were the Washington Nationals located before moving to Washington?
Which stadium had the most home runs/game in the 2016 season?
Which team had the highest average attendance per game in the 2016 season?
Who holds the record for most times hit by a pitch?
Who holds the record for the longest home run hit at 565 ft?
How many stitches does a major league baseball have?
Who holds the record for most hits in a career?
In which city was the MLB officially founded in 1869?
Which team has had the most players inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame?
Which player has won the most World Series Titles with 10?
Which player was traded to the Miami Marlins in 1998 before eventually being traded to the Mets?
Who won the first National League Pennant in the division era (1969-1999)?
Who won the first American League Pennant in the divisional era (1969-1999)
Who is the longest tenured baseball broadcaster of all time?

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