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Can you name the Alphabetical Action Stars?

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Character NameAnswerMovie
A.J. FrostArmageddon
Bruce WayneThe Dark Kight
Dominic TorrettoFast and Furious
Steve RogersAvengers
Han SoloStar Wars
Martin RiggsLethal Weaepon
James HuntRush (2013)
BriggsThe Green Zone
Road BlockG.I. Joe: Retalliation
Doc HollidayTombstone
Han SingRomeo Must Die
Character NameAnswerMovie
John ReismanThe Dirty Dozen
J.J. McQuadeLone Wolf McQuade
Arthur CastusKing Arthur
FDR FOsterThis Means War
SpockStar Trek: Into Darkness
Snake PlisskinEscape From New York
Barney RossThe Expendables
Clubber LangRocky III
VaakoChronicles of Riddick
Frank DuxBloodsport
John McClaneDie Hard

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