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Can you name the Historical Figures whose name begins with C?

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Forced Order
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Spanish Conquistador, conquered the Aztecs
Cuban Revolutionary and leader, Cuban president from 1959-2008
Author of 'Canterbury Tales'
French chemist and physicist, awarded two nobel prizes for her work in radiology
Together with Merryweather Lewis, this man explored the territories of the Louisiana Purchase.
Crowned by Pope Leo II as Emperor of the Romans
Polish astronomer and mathematician, proposed that the our solar system was heliocentric, not geocentric
Roman philosopher and statesman, author of 'De Re Publica'
Roman Emperor from 306-337, founded Constantinople
Spanish novelist, playwright, poet and soldier. Dubbed 'The Prince of Wits,' and wrote 'Don Quixote'
The last Aztec Emperor.
English Prime ministers during WWII
Italian baroque artist, popularized chiaroscuro. Paints 'The Crucifixion of St. Peter.'
20th Chinese nationalist leader, fled China and establishes a government inTaiwan
Last Hapsburg Ruler, emperor of Austria from 1916-1918
In Greek mythology, this woman was daughter of King Priam. She foresaw the burning of Troy and warns her father whom ignores her.
First king of the Franks, united all the Frankish tribes
Famous frontiersman that died protecting the Alamo.

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