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What is the name of the song that Penny and Sheldon sing when the other is sick?Easy
Who helps Penny when she dislocates her shoulder?Easy
Where do Raj, Howard, Leonard and Sheldon go to at the end of Season 2, and return from in the premiere of Season 3?Easy
What state is Penny originally from?Easy
What is the name of Raj's sister?Easy
What is the name of the contract Sheldon makes Leonard sign upon living with him?Easy
What word does Sheldon say after a joke or a prank?Easy
What is Amy's full name?Easy
Which of Howard's friends have fantasies about Bernadette and writes love poems about her?Easy
What is the name that Leonard and Penny give to the evaluation of their relationship in Season 5?Easy
Where is Raj from in India?Easy
How does Raj communicate with his parents?Easy
What is the name of the Comic Book Store owner?Easy
What country does Leonard plan to take Penny to for Valentine's Day but doesn't as she becomes ill?Easy
Who was Sheldon's mortal enemy after he failed to show at a conference Sheldon attended as a child?Easy
What is Sheldon's full job title?Medium
What is Leonard's full job title?Medium
What is Howard's full job title?Medium
What is Raj's full job title?Medium
Who had the first line in the Pilot episode?Medium
What did Howard do to provoke him to apologise to Bernadette via a song in the Cheesecake Factory?Medium
What do Raj, Leonard and Sheldon have that Howard doesn't? (He is mocked about it frequently)Medium
Who used and signed the napkin that Penny gives to Sheldon as a Christmas present?Medium
What does Amy get Sheldon to do when he 'helps' in her neurobiology lab?Medium
What item does Sheldon buy Amy to help them get back on track in their relationship?Medium
What did Howard try to do when Penny punches him?Medium
How did Amy and Sheldon meet (thanks to Howard and Raj)?Medium
In 'The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation', what does Howard wear to blend in with the Texans?Medium
What substance does Barry Kripke make Sheldon inhale to mess up his radio interview?Medium
Finish the quote as to why Sheldon has to sit in his spot: 'In the winter, that seat is close enough to the radiator to remain warm and yet not so close as to cause...'Medium
Spell Raj's surnameHard
What is the name of Leonard's North Korean girlfriend who is deported prior to the show starting?Hard
Which Sci-Fi series does Sheldon hate that Leonard loves?Hard
What is the brand of scooter that Howard has?Hard
Where does Penny's performance in the play 'Anne Frank' take place?Hard
What does Penny's boyfriend Zack think might happen to the moon when the guys fire a laser at it?Hard
In Sheldon's and Amy's game 'Counterfactuals', who wins World War Two if rhinos are domesticated pets?Hard
What is the name of the green drink that Penny makes Raj when he first talks to her?Hard
What specific gift does Bernadette get for Howard, which he interprets as 'rubbing it in' that she earns more money than him?Hard
What is the name of Kripke's robot that fights and destroys M.O.N.T.E.?Hard
What is the nickname of the middle-aged bald man in the Comic Book Store who is known for the clothes he wears?Hard
What theory does Penny try to explain to one of her many boyfriends after hearing it from Sheldon?Hard
What was the name of the cross-dresser who lived in Penny's flat before she did?Hard
What one word does Penny say to mess up the second date between her and the Comic Book Store owner?Hard
What is the number of the building that Leonard, Sheldon and Penny live in?Hard

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