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Can you name the REALLY Obscure Harry Potter Characters?

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'Well known' broom designer (DH)
Original goblin owner of the sword of Gryffindor (DH)
Kept shaking hands with Harry in the Leaky Cauldron (PS/SS)
Vampire at Slughorn's Xmas party (HBP)
Ludo Bagman's brother (GoF)
Muggle who spots flying Ford Anglia (CoS)
Muggle Prime Minister's assistant (HBP)
Ex-headmistress of Hogwarts. Has portrait in St. Mungos (OotP)
Gilderoy Lockhart's biggest fan (CoS)
Ron is told to fetch him when he is impersonating Reg Cattermole (DH)
Mr Weasley is talking to her as he enters the lift when Harry is impersonating Albert Runcorn (DH)
Durmstrang student who spills food down his front (GoF)
Neighbour in Little Whinging. Harry sees him after the Dementor attack (OotP)
Caretaker at Hogwarts in Mrs Weasley's time (GoF)
Healer-in-charge when Mr Weasley is in hospital (OotP)
Tom Riddle Sr.'s girlfriend (HBP)
Only named person in the Hanged Man (pub in Little Hangleton) (GoF)
Seamus Finnigan's cousin (HBP)
Aunt Petunia's friend on holiday (PS/SS)

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