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ACartoon featuring Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm
BDoug's High School was shaped after this purple skinned girl
CAnnoying brother Ferguson and a pet alligator
DMark Summers and lots of SLIME!
EName of the girl who is the older Pete's best friend in Pete and Pete
FGame show hosted by Summer Sanders
GGame show hosted by Mike O'Malley and official results given by Mo
HFootball Headed cartoon living in the city
ICartoon where a clumsy detective used various tools to fight Dr. Claw
JNick ______ (for a younger audience)
KAn All That spin off featuring two of the shows most popular cast members
LHosted by a talking rock named Olmec
MTwo african american kids growing up in North Carolina
Letter AnswerHint
NHosted By Phil Moore, kids played video games
OWhat Kel loves to drink
PDoug Funny's Crush
QDoug's superhero persona
RShow with a Wallaby and his friend Heffer
SCamp Anawanna and Affle Waffles
TMajor city where Hey Dude was portrayed in
UHated camp counselor on Salute Your Shorts
VAre You Afraid of the Dark episode... 'The Tale of _________ Town'
WHosted by Omar Gooding, teams compete in various games
XNewer cartoon of a spy family that can not blend into normal suburb lifestyles
YHey Dude theme song..... ______ Ki Yi Yay
ZThe haunted plummer in a Salute Your Shorts episode

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