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HintMissing WordsWho Said it
Oh, so your sayin you smarter than the person who wrote dis book. Your smarter den ______? Umbridge
You roll over RIGHT NOW or i'll...i'll ___ ____ ______!Voldemort
‎'Goyle...did you hear something?' 'No! Only quiet...perhaps..___ ________'Draco and Goyle
I can't get her out of my head and every time i see her i get these _____ __ __ _____ and i just know that it's her fault, that b****!Ron
Yes! I have heard all those things but never have they been told to me with so much ____!Hermione
Ginny, the point is I don't want my life to be like _________ _ i hated that movie...Harry
________ what the hell can't they do?Ron
You always have been and you always will be a ____ _______!Lupin
Pay no attention to ____ _____ _____!Lupin
And from that day forth all i ate was _______ ______, ______ ____, and _____!Umbridge
HintMissing WordsWho Said it
What (flavor) did you get? ______ ________Ron and Harry
'I got you something.' 'oh wow thanks!' 'i wonder what it is.' 'I hope it's a _____!'Hermione, Harry, and Ron
RON ARE YOU OK!?!?!? i will be after a ________.Ron
'What are you thinking of Ron? Maybe a _____ or a frumpy little girl?Lupin
'I'll be thinking of my best friend.' '______ that's a good one!'Lupin and Ron
AHH _____ _____!Ron (and others later in different context)
Rumbleroar is the head master at Pigfarts...he's a lion... ___ ___ ____!Draco
I can't believe we're going from the scariest place in the world to ___ ________ _____ ___ ___ _____!Ron
Not all of us inherited enough money to buy out ____ when our parents died!Draco
Favourite way to say red wines in a _______ accentRon

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