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White RWBY
Black RWBY
Yellow RWBY
Maiden Cannadate JNPR (deceased)
'Vomit Boy' JNPR
'Boop...' JNPR
Changed Voice Actors JNPR
Main Bully CRDL
2nd Member of CDRL
3rd Member of CRDL
4th Member of CDRL
Machine Gun Wielder CFVY
Blind (IDK that) CFVY
The 'Mimic' CFVY
Fought in Doubles CFVY
I Ship w/ Black (RWBY) SSSN
Voiced by Gavin Free SSSN
Hair Color Same as first name SSSN
Him + White (RWBY) SSSN
Equivalent of Yellow (RWBY) ABRN
Got Stuck in White's (RWBY) ice ABRN
Has a Hoverboard ABRN
Has Pink Hair ABRN
Is a Human with Claws BRNZ
Is similar to Maroon (JNPR) BRNZ
3rd Member of BRNZ
Nice Sniper :) BRNZ
Fanservice NDGO
Fanservice NDGO
Fanservice NDGO
Fanservice NDGO
Ray's famous saying FNKI
Nyan sounds appropriate FNKI
Red's (RWBY) Mom STRQ
Red and Yellow's (RWBY) Dad STRQ
Yellow's (RWBY) Mom STRQ
Yellow's (RWBY) Uncle STRQ
The Robot
Atlas Headmaster
The Robot's Teamate
Beacon Headmaster
Beacon Staff (Witch)
Beacon Grimm Teacher
Beacon Profe... Doctor
Lent Men
Demon voiced by Kortana
The Fall Maden
Likes Noodles
Likes Ice Cream
Fall Maden's Henchwoman
The Fall Maden (deceased)
Fall Maden's Henchman
White Fang Leader
Bookshop Owner

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