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allows an organization to deal with market and environmental forces better than its competitors
Ways competitive advantage can be pursued
compromised of economic, legal political, technological, socio-cultural, and natural environment conditions
firms operate in ways that meet the needs of customers and protects the well being of the environment
creates new products and production methods that have reduced environmental impact
includes the people and groups with whom and organization interacts
the persons, groups, and institutions directly affected by an organization
value for and satisfying needs of stakeholders
strategically tries to build lasting relationships with and to add value to customers
strategically links all operations dealing with resource supplies
sustainable high performance in using resources to accomplish mission
the system of beliefs and values that guides behavior in organizations
the process through which new members learn the culture of an organization
what one sees and hears when walking around an organization as a visitor, customer, or employee
underlying beliefs and values shared by organization members
actively develops, communicates, and enacts shared values
creates meaning and shared community among organizational members
uses symbols to establish and maintain an desired organizational culture
involves pluralism and respect for diversity
based on pluralism and operates with inclusivity and respect for diversity

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