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adult insects have how many legs?
how many body segments do insects have?
on which body segment are the the maxillae located?
on which body segment are cerci located?
the latin name for the order of insects known as beetles
the common name for the order of insects known as Lepidoptera
the immature offspring of a hemimetabolous insect is known as a...
the immature offspring of a holometabolous insect is known as a...
the insect equivalent of skin is known as the...
as well as compound eyes, some insects have simpler, smaller, single eyes known as...
external sensory hairs are known as...
chemicals which insects use to communicate with each other
some insects such as mosquitoes have larvae which develop underwater but respire using oxygen from the air. What is the name of this respiratory interface on the air/water boundary
insects' age can be measured by the amount of times it malts. What noun is used to describe the period between each malt?
which order of insect has the more primitive wing structure, diptera or odonata?
different physical forms (e.g. worker, queen) of the same species of ant in the same nest are examples of...
the insect equivalent of blood is called...
insects use this blood equivalent in gas exchange - true or false?
what phylum do insects belong to?
insect wings originally developed from a fourth pair of legs - true or false?
the study of insects is known as...
a woodlouse is an insect - true or false?

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