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Forced Order
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Barman at the Hogs HeadA
Lived in Godric's Hollow with the PottersB
Famous for wearing a bowler hatC
Harry Potter and the (7th book)D
Lily Potters maiden nameE
Broom given to Harry by SiriusF
Hagrid's half brotherG
Founder of HufflepuffH
Headmaster of DurmstrangI
Author of the booksJ
Gryffindor chaser who gets cursedK
Reads the Quibbler upside downL
Ghost who lives in the girl's bathroomM
Voldemort's beloved snakeN
Society dedicated to stopping VoldemortO
Slytherin girl described as an 'absolute cow'P
Wore a turbanQ
Main gingerR
Golden ball worth 150 pointsS
'Prefers to be known by her surname only'T
Ministry worker who looks like a toadU
Petunia's husbandV
Hermione is the brightest ______ of her ageW
Editor of The QuibblerX
Death Eater who works alongside Dolores in the 7th bookY
Slytherin whose mom appears to be a gold diggerZ

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