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Forced Order
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HintAnswerCharmed alphabet
Portrayed by TW King A
Cole's demonic formB
Attempted to erase Wyatt for conjuring a dragonC
Sent by Cole to help Phoebe believe in loveD
Phoebe's power acquired in season 6E
Charmed finale episodeF
In 'I Dream of Phoebe' Phoebe turns into aG
Rex's partner at Buckland'sH
When Piper is pregnant with Wyatt she isI
Phoebe's rich boyfriend and boss J
The Charmed One's familiarK
Pretended to be a handymanL
Their house is known as the Halliwell ______M
HintAnswerCharmed alphabet
The house is built on a _____N
Richard's ex fiance killed in a crossfireO
The name of Piper's clubP
The restaurant Piper managed in the first seasonQ
Paige's boyfriend who could not control his powersR
Paige's biological fatherS
Demon with the ability to turn back timeT
Where the demons liveU
Cole turns Paige into oneV
Twice blessed childW
If you can think of one type it in the comments below otherwise just type XenX
Do you like Charmed?Y
Worked with the sisters to take down the AvatarsZ

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