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AThe type of sport synchro is.
BLying on one's back parallel to the water, with one leg straight up in the air.
CThe moves in a routine.
DThe moves synchro swimmers do on land just before diving in to start a routine.
EThe way synchro swimmers tread water.
FA standardized short sequence of primarily leg movements performed individually in front of a panel of judges.
GThe stuff synchro swimmers put in their hair before a routine so it doesn't fall out of its bun.
HLeg movements performed while upside down in a routine. Also called a figure.
IWhere the US National Office of synchro is located.
JAlso called a pop or a boost. An upright kick propelling the swimmer straight up out of the water.
KThe term for the upside-down position where the swimmer is in a back arch with one leg straight up in the air.
LHow synchro swimmers practice their routines on land. Also called decking.
MA synchro competition.
NWhat synchro swimmers wear to keep water out of their noses.
OA world-wide competition held every four year, in which synchro is only one sport of many.
PA deduction in your score given for doing something wrong, such as touching the wall or the bottom of the pool, not doing a required element in a technical routine, or wearing jewelry at a meet.
QA 90 degree rotation.
RTreading water while leaning on one's back or stomach.
SWhat synchro swimmers do with their hands to stay out of the water without using their legs.
TWhat synchro swimmers must have in order to make their feet look pretty.
UA lap swum entirely underwater.
VThe term for the upside-down position where the body is completely flat and perpendicular to the surface of the water.
WThe term for the walk to the center of the pool-edge before a routine. Also the move from a pike to a split to a back-arch.
XA general term for how good the swimmer's technique is. Includes things such a sharpness, extension, alignment, height and posture. (Starts with 'ex')
YThe upside-down position used most frequently in figures involving a catalina rotation, in which one leg is straight up in the air, perpendicular to the surface, and the other leg is to the side of the swimmer, parallel to the surface. The body is bent a little on one side. (Two words, the second of which is 'Y')
ZThe United States has four of these geographical divisions, each of which has their own competition.

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