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Can you name the members of the Skywalker family?

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Forced Order
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Owned a moisture farm on Tatooine, killed by stormtroopers at the beginning of A New Hope
Twin, pilot and Jedi, mechanically inclined, granddaughter of a Sith Lord
Former Emperor's Hand, wife of a Skywalker
Jedi grandson of a Sith Lord, turned Tahiri back to the light side
Bought C-3P0 and R2D2, owned a moisture farm on Tatooine, killed by stormtroopers at the beginning of A New Hope
Farmboy from Tatooine, first of the new Jedi
Red-haired daughter of a Sith Lord and a Queen Mother
Mother of the Chosen One
Apprentice of Kenobi who became a Sith
Princess from Alderaan, leader of the Rebellion
Queen and Senator from Naboo, wife of a Skywalker
Hapan Queen Mother, one-armed ex-Jedi, partner of a Skywalker
Corellian smuggler with Wookiee sidekick, husband of a Skywalker
Twin, mirrored his grandfather's fall to the dark side, good with animals as a child
Named after his grandfather, died on Myrkr

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