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Which member of the girl group f(x) made waves for her tomboy style and personality?A
What artist released the Japanese album Listen to My Heart, the first by a K-pop artist to top the Oricon chart?B
What 1996 song by pioneering 90's idol group H.O.T. is a favorite of cover performances even today?C
What Korean city is home to artists such as V, Suga, Key, Irene, Heize, Jun.K and Kahi?D
What girl group skyrocketed in popularity after member Hani's fancam went viral?E
What 2009 best-seller was the debut single for girl group 2NE1?F
What 2009 song launched girl group Girl's Generation (SNSD) to fame, and has since become known as one of the most iconic songs in K-pop?G
What female K-pop star appeared in the music video of Psy's megahit Gangnam Style?H
What female solo artist has released three of the top five best-selling singles in South Korea - 'You and I', 'Through the Night' and 'Good Day'?I
What three-member boy group was formed after an acrimonious split from the band DBSK (TVXQ) in 2010, due to a lawsuit over unfair contract terms?J
The famous 'butt-dance' from the song 'Mister' originates from what girl group?K
What Thai artist is the main dancer in the girl group Blackpink?L
BTS became the first Korean group to receive a certification by the Recording Industry Association of America for the release of what song?M
What Korean word meaning 'who' is used as slang to refer to artists who are new or not well known?N
What three-person subunit of the girl group Afterschool was famous for their unique productions, including 'Magic Girl' and 'Catallena'?O
What iconic song is attached to the competition show Produce 101?P
Who was the last named leader of the girl group T-ara before their disbandment?Q
What 2009 song by the boy group SHINee was named the number one banned song before college entrance exams in South Korea due to its catchy and repetitive lyrics?R
What rapper from the girl group (G)I-dle participated in the release of the song 'Pop/Stars' for the 2018 League of Legends Championships?S
What girl group was formed via participation in the competition show Sixteen?T
What is the name of Lee Hyori's 2008 hit featuring Nassun?U
What is the name of boy group Big Bang's fanclub?V
What is the long-running variety show dedicated to K-pop artists, most famous for its 'Random Play Dance' segment?W
What best-selling 2013 album by boy group EXO features the singles 'Wolf' and 'Growl'?X
What rapper from girl group Fiestar released the singles 'Cider' and 'Crazy Dog' after her appearance on Unpretty Rapstar?Y
What 2019 title track by girl group Red Velvet features a carnival-themed music video?Z
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