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Can you name the Goa'ulds from SG-1?

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UnknownSeduced the men of the SGC
UnknownAsked for asylum on Earth
UnknownPromises to help SG-1, then goes insane
Vala Mal DoranExtracted and killed by the Tok'ra
UnknownRuler of 'hell'
UnknownLives on Earth, kidnapped Vala
Hebron of ParabelKilled Sho'nac, Teal'c's Jaffa girlfriend
Shar'eHer child is the Harcesis
Sarah GardnerMale Goa'uld, female host is Daniel Jackson's ex
UnknownSon of the Supreme System Lord
UnknownTeal'c had a grudge against him
NoneKeeps Teal'c alive
Unknown Earth personBrainwashed people
UnknownClones himself
UnknownTeal'c's former master
UnknownEats a lot, turned Ori
Egyptian boySupreme System Lord....until his death
UnknownWanted a perfect host
SkaaraWent to trial against his host
DeadFound dead in Egyptian jar
UnknownArgued against Skaara in trial, attacked Tok'ra base

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