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Can you answer the FRIENDS questions that are based on the Season 1 episode titles?

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QuestionAnswerEpisode Title
Who did Monica's new roomate leave at the altar?S01E01 - TOW Monica Gets A Roommate
Who took the sonogram?S01E02 - TOW The Sonogram At The End
Where did Phoebe find the thumb?S01E03 - TOW The Thumb
Which US President did G. Stephanopoulos serve under?S01E04 - TOW George Stephanopoulos
What color did Rachel's clothes turn into during laundry?S01E05 - TOW The East German Laundry Detergent
Whose butt double was Joey?S01E06 - TOW The Butt
Who did Rachel meet during the blackout?S01E07 - TOW The Blackout
Where did Nana die twice?S01E08 - TOW Nana Dies Twice
During what event did Underdog get away?S01E09 - TOW Underdog Gets Away
What is the name of Ross's monkey?S01E10 - TOW The Monkey
What is the name of Chandler's mom?S01E11 - TOW Mrs. Bing
What was the lasagna supposed to be?S01E12 - TOW The Dozen Lasagnas
QuestionAnswerEpisode Title
Who saw Rachel's boobies?S01E13 - TOW The Boobies
Who gave Chandler candy hearts?S01E14 - TOW The Candy Hearts
What did the stoned guy own where Monica was applying?S01E15 - TOW The Stoned Guy
Who did Joey date in this two-part episode?S01E16 - TOW Two Parts
What was on the card of three that made it look like an eight?S01E17 - TOW All The Poker
Who put a pink dress on Marcel?S01E18 - TOW The Monkey Gets Away
Who was the Evil Orthodontist's new fiancee?S01E19 - TOW The Evil Orthodontist
What name did Monica introduce herself with to the Fake Monica?S01E20 - TOW The Fake Monica
How young was Young Ethan that made it 'icky'?S01E21 - TOW The Ick Factor
What is the name of Ross's and Carol's son?S01E22 - TOW The Birth
What country did Ross go to when Rachel found out he loves her?S01E23 - TOW Rachel Finds Out

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