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Can you name the worlds most vicious creatures, land and sea?

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ClueDangerous CreatureExtra Info
they attack over 100 people world wide, they are over 15 feet in length, they are highly adapted predators, and they are considered the most vicious fish in the ocean.
They are the most aggressive of their kind, and they stand up on their hind legs and claw youThey can run at a top speed of 35 mph, but they cannot maintain that speed for very long. They are known for their immense strength and their anger towards humans.
They are cats found in india, and they are the most vicious of their kind.The Bengal Tiger has killed more humans than any other wild cat out there
At one point they faced extinction, they live in swamps, tghey have a famous barrel roll move that kills every animal they prey on, and they are reptiles.It is found in the swamps of the south.
This Reptile is feared by natives, It can strike twelve or more times in a row, its venomous bite is always fatal, it is found in africa, and it is the the most piosonous of its kiThis is a snake you want to stay away from.
They have ivory tusks, and drink lots of waterThey are known to trample humans to death when provoked, this is an animal you do not want to mess with
They live for 12-14 years, they are wild cats, and crocodiles are their only predatorsThey attack Elephants, Females look different, and males can weigh up to 550 lbs
Big game hunters cherish them for their vicious history, and they can weigh up to 1500 lbs. They once largely populated the midwestThis is a vicious beast that will charge at humans.
They populate the arctic circle, and the have white fir.They seem friendly, but if you smack one of their paws they will rip your head right off.
They seem harmless, these flying insects carry the west nile virus.They land on you all the time, and you ignore them, but mosquitoes have killed over 2,000,000,000 by infected them with the west nile virus.

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