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Can you name the componenets of male reproductive system and obesity therapeutics?

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embedded in loose connective tissue; extensive smooth ER of steroid secreting cells; dormant in puberty then active again; secrete testosterone
testicular stem cells; aka 'nursing cells'; negative feedback inhibition of FSH via inhibin
number of days of spermatogenic cycle
tight junction that binds each sertoli cell to the adjacent ones limiting passage of molecules into and out of seminiferous tubules
type of germ cell restricted to blood side of the aforementioned tight jxn barrier; touching basement membrane
type of germ cell restricted to lumen side of aforementioned tight junction barrier
a duct that has ciliated EC facilitates passage of sperm from rete testis to epididymous
hollow evaginations that provide nourishment for sperm
type of granule that sits on nucleus of sperm covering 2/3 of sperm nucleus
migrate to posterior pole of sperm initiating axoneme formation and involved in formation of tail region by gathering
phagocytose sperm's excess cytoplasmic material--the residual bodies
packages DNA in sperm; does it more effectively that in other cells
like a monoamine reuptake inhibitor; technically a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor
an endocannabinoid CB1 'inverse agonist'
a pancreatic lipase inhibitor
a dopamine reuptake inhibitor
a serotonin agonist
an appetite suppressant via hypothalamic release of norepinephrine
connects rete testis with head of epididymous
histologically a cell with simple cuboidal epithelia, single cilium, microvilli and surrounding fibroblasts, dense connective tissue and myoid cells (no smooth muscle)
histologically a cell with scalloped wavy lumen, pseudostratified epithelia with principal cells (microvilli for resorption of fluid), ciliated cells (sperm nonmotile still), and s
an herbal remedy for flus and colds; side effect is nausea
an herbal remedy: CNS stimulant; side effect is increased BP and hrt rate
antibiotic; reduces cholesterol and BP; anticoagulant
herbal remedy for peripheral vascular disease, antioxidant, memory; side effect is headache and GI problems
herbal remedy for immunity boost
herbal remedy for immunity boost and antibacterial topical use
herbal remedy for antidepressant, antianxiety, insomnia; side effect is sun sensitivity
herbal remedy for treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia; side effect is PSA levels and downregulates testosterone
male germ cell that has 23 chromosomes and 2d DNA (where normal somatic cell has 2d DNA)
male germ cell that has 23 chromosomes and d DNA (where normal somatic cells 2d DNA)
male germ cell that has 46 chromosomes and 4d DNA (where normal somatic cells have 2d DNA)
gives rise to glands/shaft of both penis and clitoris
gives rise to penile urethra and vestibule of vagina
gives rise to penis and labia minora
gives rise to scrotum and labia majora
presence of SRY and SF1 via SOX9 causes sex cords to become this
most abundant hormone in the body
recommended daily allowance is 130g/day
RDA is 20-25% of total calories
RDA is 7-10% of total calories
RDA is 0.8-1.0 g/kg/day
principal receiving site for short-acting satiety signals
cell type that secretes Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP) which stim bicarb release from pancreas
cell type that secretes substance P (bicarb secretion), secretin (bicarb secretion) and motilin (intestinal motility)
cell type that secretes ghrelin
cell type that secretes pancreatic polypeptide
reduce rate of food absorption in intestine; reduces insulin and glucagon secretion

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