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Can you name the (M)urderer, (I)nnocents, and the other (A)ccomplices?

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369 Bassel Avenue

Lil Johnny
370 Bassel Avenue

Gia o'Neill
371 Bassel Avenue

Izabella Saxton
372 Bassel Avenue

Jannat Calderon
373 Bassel Avenue

Whittington Bell
509 Monroe Avenue

Lil Johnny's mum
510 Monroe Street

Lacey Robinson
511 Monroe Street

Lexy Salinas
512 Monroe Street

Veronica Perez
513 Monroe Street

Saffa Mellor
244 Roane Drive

Mr. Williams
245 Roane Drive

Amira McAvery
246 Roane Drive

Cameron McAvery
247 Roane Drive

Hannah Berry
248 Roane Drive

Anaya Bird

Athena Makes

Group of 5 Teens

Store Owner
Old Mill

Security Guard

Reagan Vargas
875 Maple Lane

Samirah Dixon
876 Maple Lane

Cade Herricks
877 Maple Lane

Chelsea Roberts
878 Maple Lane

Shane Rivera
879 Maple Lane

Christian Lord

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