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Mr. President, you know how you told me not to wake you up unless the building was __ ____.Charlie Young
Decisions are made by those who ____ __.Jed Bartlet
What's ____?Jed Bartlet
Can you tell us right now if you'll be seeking a _____ ____?Reporter
What would ___ __?CJ
There are many good things in this world. Not from ___ _______, sir.Toby Ziegler
Toby, come quick, Sam's getting his ___ ____ __ _ ____.Toby Ziegler
You should never have made me ___, ____.Jed Bartlet
My name is Josiah Bartlet, and I accept your nomination for the ________ __ ___ ______ ______. Jed Bartlet
I'm not talking about _______.Josh Lyman

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