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QUIZ: Can you name the disgaea character 'quotes'?

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'That's just my style!'Red haired demon slayer
'Most Badass Freakin' Overlord In The Entire Cosmos'Badass overlord
'Now I become the main character!'Main character?
'For love and justice!'Angel trainee
'Thats not the way you treath the daughter of the overlord!'Overlords daughter
'Love my style, sing my song!'Dark hero
'He stole my space and letter A'Class leader
'Valiant phantoms, aid me in battle. Chartreuse Gale!' Phantom brave main character
'Blue, Yellow your deaths are not in vain!'Red
'How did you know that infernal nickname!'Rival
'Boom!'Home Economics teacher
'Nobody can beat my 1.8 million evil Quotient' Number 1 honor student
'Thats the way of busido Zam'Ninja
'I have to gather al my courage to save the princes!'Fake hero
'Oops I sent another innocent soul to the darkness'Never cry's
'Where is the strongest overlord?'Super hero
'How can you be the Defender of earth if you cant deffend you assistant?'Cyborg
'What fool dares awaken me!'Overlord

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