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QUIZ: Can you name the bridge conventions?

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BiddingConvention NameDescription
1NT-4D*-4H6+ hearts
P-1S-2C*Limit raise in spades
1H-3H-5NT*Asks for two of the top three heart honors
1S-(2NT)-3D*Limit raise in spades (2NT shows minors)
1H-2NT*Game-forcing heart raise
1D-(P)-1S-(2C)-Dbl*Exactly three spades
1NT-2C-2D-3H*5+ spades, 4 hearts
2NT-3C*Asks for 5-card major
1S-(3H)-4NT-(5H)-Dbl*No aces
(1NT)-2C*Clubs and another suit, 5-4
BiddingConvention NameDescription
1H-3D*10-11 points, four hearts
1D-1H-2H-5C*Asks for aces outside of clubs
1C-3C*Preemptive raise of clubs
1D-1H-1NT-2C*One round force, says nothing about clubs
1S-(2D)-Dbl*Promises 4+ hearts
(1C)-2C*Both majors, at least 5-5
4C*Good preempt in hearts
(1H)-Dbl-(2H)-Dbl*Takeout-oriented, implies the minors
3NT*Long, solid minor; no outside stoppers
1S-4D*Game forcing spade raise, 0-1 diamonds

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