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Jazz drummer, born in Michigan, had 2 brothers who were also jazz musicians
Long-time endorsee of Tama drums, he plays in a band which includes singer, Chino Moreno
Distinct drumming style often characterised by creative hi-hat work & syncopated beat, he spent a number of his former years in Western Asia & North Africa
He has been involved in numerous side-projects, including Transplants, Box Car Racer & +44
Regarded by several to be the greatest drummer of all time, his drumming style has been near impossible to duplicate since his death in 1987
Worked as a graphic designer before 1963, when he joined the band with which he would achieve deserved fame
Prolific, jazz-influenced drummer whose style incorporates intelligent, quick-paced snare drum rolls & fills. He and singer, Billy Corgan reformed their old band in 2004
Currently holds world record for most single strokes in 60 seconds: 1247
Has worked with numerous acts including Frank Zappa, Sting, Jeff Beck & Joni Mitchell
Female drummer, most famous for recording & touring with Lenny Kravitz
English drummer who formed a band in 1970 in which his name is included along with his two fellow bandmates
Important component of the rhythm secton of this widely renowned band, despite being referred to jokingly as 'not even the best drummer in the band!'
Self-taught English drummer whose natural talent was noticed early in his career by Pete Townshend whe he saw him play with his band
Responsible for creative & energetic drums on such tracks as 'manic depression' & 'fire'
Born in New York, regarded as a highly technically-competent drummer, he has had a number of custom drum kits, for example, 'the siamese monster'
This drummer played the majority of the drum work on Dire Straits album, 'Brothers in Arms'
Drummer noted for his live performance which is particularly energetic. He has sung on some of his band's album tracks and had previously toured with Alanis Morissette
Of Mexican descent, he is the current drummer of 'Incbus'
A multi-instrumentalist whose side-projects in the past have included 'Love Tractor'
Born in Hanover, Germany, a multi-instrumentalist who has released books & DVDs, some instructional
Drummer of fictional band, 'Dr Teeth & The Electric Mayhem'
Credited with the drums on Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' & 'Human Nature', this drummer died in 1992 as one of the most recorded drummers in history
Accomplished English drummer whose impressive manoeuvring around his massive drum kit promted the likes of Tommy Lee to describe him as an 'octopus'
This drummer left Korn in 2006 in alleged pursuit of a life with more anonymity
Manages to effectively blend both rock & funk beats to create the distinct sound he is associated with. He has been immortalised in The Simpsons
Born in Cuba, this accomplished metal drummer is particularly distinguished in his ability in using the double bass pedal
Jazz fusion drummer, well-educated in the genre. He has released a multitude of instructional books & DVDs and has worked with Paul Simon & Madonna
Quick, technical drummer who, at time, incorporates impressive stick tricks into his playing
2 English drummers sharing the same name, the first of which has enjoyed a 37-year stint with his original band, the second of which is the former drummer of Oasis
Drummer of Deep Purple - the only founding member of the band who still plays in the band

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