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Can you name the answers to these questions about the popular TV show 'LOST'?

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Forced Order
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Who is most commonly associated with the phrase, 'Live together, die alone'?EASY
What is Michael's last name?EASY
Who does Sawyer frequently refer to as 'Freckles'?EASY
What name did Ben take when he was held captive by the survivors of Oceanic 815?EASY
What is the name of the underwater Dharma station?EASY
Who was held partly responsible for Boone's death?EASY
What is the name of Mr Eko's brother?EASY
Who died not long after Ana Lucia?EASY
What is the name of Charlie's band?EASY
In which US state is the majority of LOST filmed?EASY
Whose last name is 'Bakunin'?EASY
Jin, Sayid and which other character were responsible for dealing with 'The Others' at the end of season 3?EASY
Which character is associated with having 'flashes' in season 3?EASY
What is his last name?EASY
What is the name of Charles Widmore's daughter?EASY
The episode 'The 23rd Psalm' is centred around which character?MODERATE
The Oceanic Six didn't fly back to the island on flight 815, but flight...?MODERATE
L.Scott Caldwell plays which character from LOST?MODERATE
When Richard Alpert was trying to recruit Juliet to come to the Island, he said he worked for a company called...?MODERATE
What is the sum of 'The Numbers'?MODERATE
Hurley's CD player featured in season 1, but in which episode did its batteries finally die?MODERATE
Charlotte is named after famous author 'CS Lewis', but what does the 'S' stand for in her name?MODERATE
Two characters are from Manchester, England - Charlie Pace and who else (excluding Liam)?MODERATE
John Locke is named with a view to a philosopher, but which other philosopher is Locke associated with in LOST?MODERATE
Desmond, Mikhail, Juliet and which other character are named with a view to past philosophers (excluding Locke)?MODERATE
Two physicists are referred to in character names - they are Faraday and...?MODERATE
The band, 'Drive Shaft' were named after who?MODERATE
Before being put into the care of Walt in season 1, Vincent was under the care of who?MODERATE
Whose name is an anagram of 'Other Man'?MODERATE
One of 'The Others' is revealed to be homosexual - who?MODERATE
What is the name of the funeral parlour that is featured most commonly in LOST?HARD
The freighter explodes via a switch associated with what/who?HARD
Who calls Charlie a 'hero' when he saves them from a thug robbery in an alleyway in a flashback?HARD
'Big' Mike Walton is a minor character associated with Ana Lucia's history, but which other Islander does he come across?HARD
Which character from Canada was in Australia as part of a company retreat?HARD
Who was married to the Island's therapist, Harper Stanhope?HARD
Who said, 'this man saved my life'?HARD
Aaron was born on the Island how many days after the crash?HARD
What is Charlie's middle name?HARD
Mikhail, whilst ultimately responsible for the death of an important islander, also kills Bonnie and her work partner...?HARD
Which city is Charlie in when Liam gives him the 'DS' ring?HARD
Charlie, Kate & who else are involved in the delivery of Claire's baby?HARD
What is the name of the dog that plays the character of 'Vincent' for the most part of LOST?HARD
In the episode, 'Tabula Rasa', Kate is found by a farmer on his property; what does she say her name is?HARD
The following is a character anagram, but who is it? CREEEP AHOOD DOGSHARD

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