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what age emma had henry
who killed sheriff graham
what was grumpy's name before he was grumpy
who is the actress that plays snow white/mary margaret
where does henry like to go to think (before it got torn down)
what did mary margaret want henry to have
what can red riding hood turn into
what is abigail's true love's name
what is rumplestiltskin's son's name
what is the mad hatter's daughters name(in the fairytale land)
what do james and snow tell each other they will always do?
what does rumplestiltskin do with the hair that he got from snow and james
what did the queen of hearts take from the evil queen
what is the name of the episode where they find kathryn alive
who is henry's therapist
who is jiminy cricket's best friend
what does ashley boyd name her child
who is cinderella's prince
what was the mirror before he was a mirror
eion bailey plays what character
what did they call david when he was in the hospital
who is the 'beast' that is in love with belle
When we first meet Belle in Storybrooke, where is she?
is this show awesome
what actress plays ruby/red riding hood
emma swan is the daughter of which two characters(in the fairytale land)
who was running against emma for sheriff
what is archie hopper's dog's name
what was regina's true love's name
who is the evil queen's only friend
Who is Regina's true love that she meets in season 3?
Who was Regina's mother?
Who is Peter Pan's son?
Why is Tinker Bell banished from being a fairy?
Who is Robin Hood's son's name?
What is the Wicked Witch of the West's real name?
When Snow White is transported back to Storybrooke for the second time after forgetting a year of her life what does she find out about herself?
How is Zelena related to Regina?
Who saves Dr. Whale from jumping off the pier?
Who composes the music for the show?

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