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This quiz tests your knowledge on OUAT season 3. Have you really been paying attention that season??

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Where is Neal being held captive on Neverland, where Emma and the gang have to reveal a secret?
What did Neal make in order to find his way home from Neverlend, while also having the ability to capture Pan's shadow?
What did Regina joke about this object being?
What did Zelena claim Neal was dumber than?
What is Peter Pan's real name?
What pirate does Snow White first go to because she wanted to leave the Enchanted Forest on a pirate ship since Regina was so determined to kill her?
What type of bug does Snow White turn herself into using dark fairy dust in order to save herself from being executed?
What does Captain Hook trade in order to get a magic bean so he could get to Emma who was in New York?
Who does Zelena disguise herself as so she could get the name of Killian's love and curse his lips?
When Killian's lips touch Emma's, what will happen to her?
Who does Emma almost marry in New York?
What creature does this man to turn out to be?
Who has the heart of the truest believer?
Who helps Regina and Snow White up after they almost get killed by a flying monkey?
What does Regina try and bury in the ground (before Snow stops her) after she realizes she will never see Henry again?
Who sends Hook the memory potion so he can give it to Emma in order to return her memories of Storybrooke?
The map Pan gave Emma only reveals itself when she stops denying who she truly is. What does Emma have to admit so the map shows itself?
In Storybrooke, who captures Pan's shadow in the coconut?
What does Neal say to Emma when picking the lock? It's all about the ____?
In the farmhouse, what does Robin Hood see that he thinks may be a magical object to help track down the wicked witch, but it actually turns out to be what?

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