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Do you really know OUAT? This quiz will test your knowledge and question if you really pay attention to detail on this amazing television series. From seasons 1 to 5.

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In season 4 episode 12, where did Rumple have to go to save Belle from the Queens of Darkness in exchange for the gauntlet?
When Ingrid went to Rumplestiltskin to control her magic, he gave her magic gloves and an urn. What did Ingrid give Rumple in return?
What color is the jewel on the top of Pandora's Box?
What is the page number that holds Robin and Regina's 'could have been' love story?
How long did Emma stay in the foster home with Ingrid when she was 14, but she doesn't remember until her memories are returned in 4x11?
By what object did Rumple send a message to Belle while he was on Neverland telling her to find the object that could defeat Pan?
What does Regina say her secret ingredient is in her lasaigna when Leroy insists that it is poison?
What book does Belle claim made her fall in love with reading?
What is the first and last name of Cleo's daughter?
What day does Hades tell Zelena her birthday is?
What time do Mary Margaret and David Nolan go to Granny's to see each other?

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