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Another quiz I have put together to test whether or not you pay close attention in the television show Once Upon a Time. Includes seasons 1 and 2.

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Hansel bites into a cupcake in the Blind Witch's house. What color was the frosting?
According to Mulan, the wraith's adversary is...
After the town finds out that Mary Margaret didn't kill Kathryn, what gift does Henry give her at the party?
When Regina visits her mother's casket in season 2 episode 17, what color rose does she place on top of it?
Where does Jefferson have a scar?
Graham discovers a wolf in Storybrooke and each eye is a different color. What two colors are they?
Where does Baelfire end up after falling through the portal in season 1 episode 19?
In season 1 episode 10 Mary Margaret goes to Granny's at 7:15 to see David Nolan. What does she check her reflection in?
In season 1 episode 12 what three characters go out on a girls night? (Cursed names)
How does Prince Charming kill the Siren at Lake Nostos?
Ruth, Prince Charming's mother gives Snow an item that can determine her future baby's gender. What is this item?
What does Regina Mills first kill by crushing its heart?
When Emma and Mary Margaret first discover Captain Hook in the Enchanted Forest in season 2 episode 5, what does he claim his occupation is?
In what year was the Dark Curse cast?
August shows neal his typewriter. What is written on the page that makes Neal believe and trust him?

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