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This quiz focuses on season 1, but some questions are from seasons 2-4 (not spoiler-y)

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Where do Snow White and Prince Charming go on their honeymoon?
Who does Cora bring to Regina claiming that he is Regina's soulmate, but really isn't?
What food does Belle say she has never tried but wanted to eat so that she and Rumple could go on a date?
What does Ursula's voice get trapped in?
What animal does the huntsman have as a pet?
What does Rumplestiltskin want in exchange for giving Cinderella clothes for the ball?
What substance can paralyze even the most powerful sorcerers for a limited amount of time?
The notice the Evil Queen tacks onto trees in the Enchanted Forest says Snow White is wanted for what three crimes (in order)?
Who ventures into the mines looking for Henry in season 1 episode 5 but ends up getting trapped in there with him?
Who has a cursed hand so that everything he/she touches with it becomes gold?
What does Hansel and Gretel's father give to Gretel so that she can find her way home?
In the Enchanted Forest it's called the Troll Bridge. What is it in Storybrooke?
Nova says she is going to see what creature on the hill?
Snow White is caught stealing what on Red Riding Hood's property?
In the episode Hat Trick Emma tells Jefferson she is looking for a lost dog when really she is looking for Mary Margaret who escaped jail. What does she say the dog's name is?
Who is the District Attorney in Storybrooke?
How many people were really able to go through the enchanted wardrobe?
What color is the stone on Snow White's wedding ring?
When Emma retrieves the true love potion from Maleficent's dragon form, what is it encased in?
August claims that he is who?

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