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Test your knowledge on the beautiful character of Belle on Once Upon a Time.

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How long was Belle locked in the hospital's mental ward in Storybrooke?
What is Belle's cursed name in Storybrooke?
What animal does Belle go after due to Grumpy's prodding?
What object does Belle damage in the Dark Castle because Rumplestiltskin startles her?
What is the name of Belle's mother?
What is the name of Belle's father in the Enchanted Forest?
Who walks with Belle on the road in season 1 episode 12?
What does the Blue Fairy give Belle in order to keep track of how Rumple is doing while in a coma?
Who does Belle get together with after making Rumple cross the town line?
What creature is causing chaos in Belle's kingdom which leads her and her father to summon Rumplestiltskin for help?

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