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LucasWas cheated on by Lucas
NathanDid not understand her love for music
PeytonHad an on and off relationship with
HaleyMarried as Juniors and are still together
BrookeWas naked in his car
DanLeft her when she fell pregnant
WhiteyDied in surgery
KeithSlept with after karen turned down his preposal
MouthSlept with to keep his job
SkillzWas picked by her for the fantasy boy draft
Racheltried to steel from Brooke
JamieYoung love, Spent Valentines day playing skiball
MillicentLost virginaty to
JulianMet after she broke up with her boyfriend
Claydied so sudentaly
Quinndid not love him any more
Alextried to steal from his girlfriend
ChasePretended to be smart and in cleenteens for him
Chriskissed her twice
Laurinis carring his child
PeytonLeft to protect his daughter
BrookeFriends with benifets
Dan2 Ex-wife
KeithLoved since childhood
RachelTried to sleep with while married
Chasewas sad after she broke up with him

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