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Complete 100 questions to see if you're a true Potterhead.

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Harry's owl?
Dumbledores sister?
Secret society Harry created to fight Umbridge?
Spell to disarm?
Transfiguration professor?
Dursley's address?
Hermiones society to protect house elves?
Ron's eldest brother?
Sweet shop in Hogsmede?
Harry's godfather?
The true identity of Ron's rat?
Famous Bulgarian seeker?
Harry's first kiss?
Who does Harry take to the Yule Ball?
Where does Draco fix the vanishing cabinet?
Dark arts shop in diagon alley
Remus lupins wife?
Sirius' family house elf?
Headquarters of the order of the Phoenix?
Quidditch ball that scores points?
Family that dobby serves?
Spell made up by the half blood prince?
Where did quirrell come across Voldemort?
Ghost of slytherin house?
Who is the oldest of the golden trio?
Headmaster of Hogwarts before Dumbledore?
Harry's first son?
What wood is Harry's wand made of?
Tom riddles favourite professor at Hogwarts?
What is Felix felicis?
Hagrid's giant spider?
Nevilles pet?
Broomstick Sirius bought Harry?
Hippogriff Harry saved Sirius on?
Pub at diagon alley?
Dragon Fleur fought in the triwizard tournament?
Who won the Quidditch World Cup?
House elf sacked by Barty Crouch?
Maiden name of Harry's mother?
Prize money for triwizard tournament?
Slughorns favourite fruit?
House colours of hufflepuff?
First horcrux destroyed?
Name of 3 headed dog?
Sirius black's brother?
Who sold Salazar Slytherin's locket to Umbridge?
Tom Riddles mother?
Dudley Dursley's nickname?
What are Hermiones' parents job?
The killing curse?
How many hoops on a Quidditch pitch?
What does hermione use to destroy Hufflepuff's cup?
Wizard prison?
Birth place of godric gryffindor?
Voldemort's snake?
Captain of Slytherin Quidditch team in Harry's 1st year?
Spell for light?
Ghost that haunts the girls bathroom?
Triwizard competitior for beauxbatons?
Train station for train 9 and 3/4?
Bellatrix's brother in law?
Goblin who helps Harry break into gringotts?
Werewolf that attacked Remus as a child?
Spell for water?
Who kills Dumbledore?
What is Hermione's patronus?
Where do students eat meals?
What is Firenze a breed of?
Famous author that teaches Defence against the Dark Arts?
Who takes over from Cornelius Fudge as Minister of magic?
What is Luna lovegood's nickname?
Which family did the invisibility cloak originally belong to?
Hogwarts matron?
Ron and Hermione's son?
What does Dumbledore leave Ron in his will?
Who steals mad eye Moody's identity?
Who does Ron beat out for Quidditch keeper?
What house is Padma Patil in?
Bafilda Bagshot wrote what book?
What drink is popular in the three broomsticks?
Which players hit bludgers in Quidditch?
What subject does professor vector teach?
Who created the prophecy about Harry and Voldemort?
Who takes over muggle studies in the Deathly Hallows?
What creature sat in the corner of lupins office the first time Harry visited him?
Who sends Harry his letter of expulsion from Hogwarts?
What textbook is bought for care of magical creatures?
Who writes a eulogy for Dumbledore in the daily prophet?
Who attempts to give Harry a love potion?
On what day does the battle of Hogwarts take place?
Where is the riddle house situated?
What is the name of the newspaper Luna's father edits?
Who launches a book about the life of Dumbledore?
What is Voldemorts middle name?
What is the most haunted building in Hogsmede?
Which dark wizard did Dumbledore duel?
How do Harry/Ron get to Hogwarts in their second year?
What floats through your ears making your brain go all fuzzy?
Who sends the patronus warning to the wedding of Bill and Fleur?
Where abouts did Snape kill Dumbledore?

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