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What ethnicity is Larry's divorce lawyer - Andrew Berg?
What does Larry use to stop his nosebleed after he is punched in the face?
What is the occupation of Richard's new girlfriend - Stella?
What does Larry let the women from the safe house use?
What phrase does Eileen continually say which drives her husband crazy?
What does Marty not want to take off prior to eating at the Palestinian chicken restaurant?
What is the nickname of the new guy in Larry's office building who ''takes a cabinet''?
What does Larry's girlfriend - Heidi - draw on Larry's forehead in sunblock?
What icecream brand does Oscar want for his final meal?
Which city does Larry go to avoid participating in a children's charity event?
What does Larry trip on - causing him to subdue the abusive man on the plane?
What does Larry use to attack the mugger who robs Ricky Gervais and Donna?
Which woman also competes with Larry for the affections of Jane, The Bisexual?
What type of dismissive bow does Larry receive from the waiter at the Japanese restaurant?
What invention do Larry and Jeff invest in?
What game does the One Armed Man beat Judge Horn in?
What does Leon wear to get more respect from Caucasians?
Which baseball star catches the baby from the burning building?
Who lives in the apartment directly above Larry?
What gift does Larry initially buy for his girlfriend's ''flamboyant'' son, Greg?

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