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What is the name of Funkhouser's ''crazy sister''?
What disease is Loretta Black diagnosed with?
What does Larry break when he hugs Dean Wienstock?
Which couple have a car accident due to ''vehicular fellatio''?
Which Seinfeld actor gives a much larger restaurant tip than Larry?
Which disease does both Susie and NBC president have (as diagnosed by Larry)?
What does Larry burn his hand on - while on a plane?
Who eats ''more than his allotment'' of caviar at Ted's party
Where does Susie throw Larry's Blackberry?
Name one of the two women in wheelchairs who Larry dates?
Larry ''splashes'' the picture of who?
What saves Larry from falling off the hospital roof?
What animal attacks Larry on the golf course, causing Larry to kill him/her?
What word is deliberately misspelled on Larry's mother's tombstone - to save money?
Larry meets a police officer with the same name as a character from which musical?
What clothing item does Larry apparently enjoy wearing?
Which Seinfeld cast member may have Groat's Disease?
What does Larry lend Jason, but then wants replaced, rather than returned?
What is the title of Jason's acting book?
What does Cheryl leave on both Julia's and Larry's coffee tables?

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