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What is the surname of the family Larry and Cheryl adopt from Hurricane Edna?
What shape is the chocolate layer cake which Jeff brings to Larry's party?
On what item does Cheryl find a ''stain'' the day after Leon moves in?
Who is the ''Anonymous Donor'' of a wing at the NRDC building?
Where does Marty Funkhouser keep his $50 which he owes Larry?
Where does Larry encounter a ''sample abuser''?
What loud noise causes Larry's ear damage?
Who does Larry make an inappropriate ''lefty call'' to?
What does Larry buy Ted for his birthday? (Hint: book)
Who does Larry pick up from the airport in a limo?
What animal does Larry think Jean's dog looks like?
What musical do Larry and Jeff's exterminator go to see?
What item is being repaired when Cheryl calls Larry from a plane during a storm?
Who's photo does Larry break at the drycleaners (and then goes on a date with her)?
How many seconds is Larry's maximum hug time?
What medication does Larry take after a mix up at the pharmacy?
What disease does Funkhouser raise money for in the walk-a-thon?
What fake crime does Larry and his therapist commit to win Cheryl back?
What pet of Daryl Black goes missing - adding to the ''rumour'' about Larry?
Which R&B star performs at Sammi's Bat Mitzvah?

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