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What kind of near death experience does Larry have?
What food item gets named after Larry at Leo's deli?
Why does Larry suspect that private investigator - Omar Jones - is a Muslim?
What is the name of Cheryl and Larry's ''racist'' dog?
What item of clothing does Cheryl want housekeeper - Maria - to wear?
What special religious item does Cheryl's father wear around his neck?
What game does Larry think is ''rigged'' at his father's nursing home?
What is Larry's nickname at the Japanese restaurant
Which fast food restaurant drive thru does Larry attempt to use while not being in a car?
Which character needs a kidney transplant?
Where does Larry take Wilson to fulfill his ''Make a Wish'' dream of seeing a naked woman?
Who does Cheryl arrange to play a round of golf with Larry for his birthday?
What type of criminal moves into Cheryl and Larry's neighborhood?
Who does Larry accuse of repeatedly stealing his newspaper?
What $20,000 item goes missing from Richard's apartment?
What does Larry eat when stuck on the ski lift?
Which clothing item of Larry's does Marla wear and ruin with a stain?
What does Larry think is the source of the meat dish at Mark and Marla's wedding?
Which southern US state does Larry find his ''real'' parents?
Who does Larry argue with in heaven, causing him to be returned to Earth?

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