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Which musical does Mel Brooks offer Larry a lead role in?
What name does Larry suggest would be a good for the receptionist's adopted Chinese baby?
What game does Larry play with the children at Ben Stiller's birthday party?
What does Larry accidentally poke Ben Stiller in the eye with?
Who ''popped in'' on Jeff, when he was ''alone'' in the bathroom?
Who is Muslim woman - Haboos - set up with on a ''literal blind date''?
What disease does Leo Funkhouser - Marty's father - have?
What dental condition does everybody know that Larry has after his dental hygienist breached ''hygienist-patient confidentiality''?
Who is Larry's new co-star in the musical after Ben Stiller quits?
What item of Larry's is put into Leo Funkhouser's coffin?
Who does Larry buy marijuana for?
Which sports team is Larry going to watch when he hires a prostitute so he can use the car pool lane?
What politically correct doll does Larry buy for The Dusenberry's baby shower?
What causes Larry's heart irregularities during his physical?
What is the name of the Native American who clears the poison oak from Cheryl and Larry's backyard?
Larry always waves at drivers of which car model?
What date did the Rabbi's brother in law die (hit by a bike courier)?
What causes Larry and Anna (the dry-cleaning woman) to leave the hotel?
Which U.S. president does Cady Hoffman have a photo of in her dressing room?
How long does Larry have to cash in on his anniversary gift at the end of the opening night performance?

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