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What does Larry throw in a neighbor's garbage bin (causing the neighbor to become irate)?1
Who does Larry give a 'Chet' shirt to, as a gift?1
What do Larry and Richard try to hide Benadryl in?2
Who asks Richard's girlfriend: ''When ET called home, did you pick up the phone?''2
What is used to sucessfully remove stains from: a restaurant chair, a rug and Cheryl's dress3
What is the ''cut off'' period for giving a wedding gift - according to The Loebs?3
Who claims to have coined the phrase ''The BLANK from hell''?4
What does Susie fall on after she is attacked by The Nanny From Hell?4
What does Wanda warn Cheryl and Larry about, then swear them to secrecy?5
Which musician performs at the NRDC benefit concert at Cheryl and Larry's home?5
Who is the director of the film in which Larry plays an angry Jew?6
Why is Larry's mother placed in the ''Special Section'' of the cemetery?6
Who accidentally gets drunk because she mistakes Larry's wine for grape juice?7
What does Oscar - the corpse sniffing dog - find under the restaurant floor?7
Who is rapper Krazee Eyez Killa engaged to?8
What is the name of Krazee Eyez Killa's housekeeper?8
Which animal does Larry mistake the baby Jesus cookie for?9
Who wrestles with Larry and causes the *ahem* hair caught in Larry's throat to dislodge?9
Where do Cheryl and Larry get trapped inside their car?10
What condition does the French chef - Guy Bernier - have?10

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