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Which car manufacturer does Larry work for in his new job?1
What defect do Cheryl and Larry soon discover in their new house?1
What is the name of the wrestler who road-rages Larry?2
Which organisation does Cheryl cancel the membership of - due to its 'political agenda'?2
Which composer does Larry whistle a tune of, while outside the cinema?3
What do the girls who didn't get Halloween treats spray-paint on Cheryl and Larry's door?3
How many shrimp does the Chinese restaurant put in each Kung Pao Shrimp according to their 'strict policy'?4
Who wins the $700 - 800 in the poker game (during which Larry drops the c-bomb)?4
Where does Larry see his therapist wearing a revealing outfit?5
Which (fictional) disease does Larry host a benefit concert for?5
How much does Larry offer the acupuncturist if he can cure Larry's neck?6
What ''unusual'' gift does the acupuncturist send Larry?6
What is the name of the doll that Larry gives a haircut to?7
What is one of the two things Larry hides in his pants?7
Which basketball star gets tripped over by Larry?8
What is [Answer 15]'s favorite Seinfeld episode?8
What does Larry think has been stolen from his office by a guy who saw the door security code?9
Which city does Becky's fiancé's baptism take place in/near?9
What tattoo does Larry's masseuse have on her left arm?10
What is Larry accused of stealing from the restaurant?10

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