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What item of Larry's clothing causes an embarrasing problem for himself and Cheryl's friend Nancy at the cinema?1
What deadline does Richard give for Larry to call him?1
Where does Larry lose his shoes?2
Which concert do Ted and Mary invite Cheryl and Larry to?2
What sauce does Gil mention as part of an anecdote from his acting career?3
What does Larry break at Gil's party?3
What does Michael (the blind man) want moved back from the bedroom to the living room?4
Which restaurant employee does Larry deliberately NOT tip (despite there being a space for it on the check)?4
Which professional colleague has an unfair 'First Come First Served' policy? 5
Which actress does Cheryl and Larry's interior decorator also work for?5
What do Larry and Cheryl want removed from their backyard because it spoils their view?6
Which celebrity does neighbor Dean Weinstock dream of meeting?6
What convertible car does Jeff buy?7
Which company's radio ad with honking does Larry mistake for real honking?7
What birthday present does Larry give to Jeff's mother?8
What does Aunt Louise's obituary say instead of 'Beloved Aunt'?8
Which phrase/term* does Larry say which offends Richard's dermatologist? (*two words)9
Who are one of the two people Larry tries to bribe in order to get faster service?9
Which play does Cheryl get a role in?10
What false name does Larry use at the support group he attends with ex-girlfriend, Lucy?10

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