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Can you guess whether the missing word in these band names is ''GIRLS'' (G) or ''BOYS'' (B)? *

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BandGirls (G) or Boys (B)?
_____ Don't Cry
Pretty _____ Make Graves
Wonder _____
_____ Names
Bullet _____
The Oak Ridge _____
The Morning After _____
Los Lonely _____
The Blind _____ of Alabama
The Soft _____
Junior _____
The Friday Night _____
The Venga _____
The Cheetah _____
The Hackensaw _____
The Party _____
The Cover _____
_____ Night Out
Brown Eyed _____
The Weather _____
_____ like Boys
BandGirls (G) or Boys (B)?
_____ Republic
_____ Against Boys
Beastie _____
_____ Guns and Glory
Pet Shop _____
Backstreet _____
The Beautiful _____
The Disco _____
_____ Noize
_____ Next Door
The Ordinary _____
The Strange _____
_____ Can't Catch
Parenthetical _____
Paradiso _____
Indigo _____
The Fat _____
_____ II Men
_____ (One word: Girls or Boys)
_____ Town Gang
_____ Aloud
BandGirls (G) or Boys (B)?
Paul Kelly and the Coloured _____
The Choir _____
The Jones _____
The Dead _____
_____ Generation
Vivian _____
Geto _____
Dum Dum _____
Scouting for _____
_____ of the Lough
_____ Under Glass
The JaneDear _____
_____ in Hawaii
Scud Mountain _____
Soggy Bottom _____ (Fictional group from a Coen brothers film)
The Beach _____
Cheap _____
_____ at Our Best!
Spice _____

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