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 A nationalistic form of government characterized by fear and control
 Labor / death camps used by the Nazis in Hitler’s “Final Solution”
 Locations in which Japanese Americans were held temporarily following the attack on Pearl Harbor
 Japanese aircraft loaded with explosives and making a deliberate suicidal crash on an enemy target
 Hostility or prejudice toward Jews
 Giving in to a leader’s demands in hopes of avoiding war
 The organization and training of civilians for the protection of lives and property during and after attacks in wartime
 Form of government in which the leader has complete control
 Strategy used by the Allies in the Pacific front
 German military strategy that means “Lightning War”
 The deliberate killing of a large group of people
 An agreement between Allied leaders outlining their goals for the post-war world
 Preparing citizens and the economy for war, Turning car factories into jeep factories for the war effort
 The systematic killing of millions of Jews, Roma, and other targeted groups during World War II
 Limit the effects of inflation
 Organization was responsible for producing propaganda cartoons and posters
 Took place in the Philippines where over 22,000 people died
 Law allowed arms and supplies to be sold to nations vital to the defense of the U.S.
 At the beginning of WWII the Treaty of Versailles can be blamed for causing bitterness among the
 The invasion of the beaches of Normandy helped the Allies freed ______ from German occupation
 Axis Power Member
 Axis Power Member
 Axis Power Member
 U.S. economy changed when the U.S. entered WWII by _____ dropped meaning more people had jobs
 Nazi plan to eliminate all groups of people that they deemed “weak” or “undesirable”
 Where Japan invaded in an attempt to gain more resources
 Speakers contribute to the war effort because they used codes to send messages
 During World War II, women and minorities experienced new job opportunity due to the
 The Event that resulted in a shift away from isolationism in the United States was the the attack on
 led America to join the side of the Allies in WWII
 His goal during the Battle of Britain was to Ruin the British Navy
 Led Italy in an invasion of France
 Millions of political prisoners were sent to labor camps under the reign of
 President Roosevelt issued an executive order to end discrimination in jobs at the urging of

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