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'They give us answers, to questions they don't even know'
'I walk alone, think of home, memories of long ago, no one knows I lost my soul long ago'
'I'll tell you now you can't win this, cause you're way to slow, I'll tell you now im gonna take this'
'You're sick, of feeling numb, you're not the only one, I'll take you by the hand, and i'll show you a world that you can understand'
'Good morning day, sorry i'm not there, all my favorite friends, vanished in the end'
'On the ground I lay, motionless in pain, I can see my life flashing before my eyes'
'We've lost that kind of spirit, and we want it back today'
'It's not fair when you say that I didn't try, I just don't care about you anymore
'He wakes up haunted, with voices in his head, nobody knows it but today he won't go unnoticed'
'Just let me say one thing, I've had enough, you're selfish and sorry, you'll never learn how to love'

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