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'Think your a little bit closer to changing me, you're never winning me over, you're wasting time'
'Yes they know that you've hurt yourself another time, don't they know that your full of pain already?'
'You know this story was over before it began, this is a battle you're not gonna win, welcome to the end'
'Nothing left but a broken man, terrified of everything, nothing left but his foolish pride, his fond memories slowly die'
'Typical enough for me, that I burn inside in agony, what power will enable me, to bury my vision'
'Living inside a nightmare from which I just cannot awaken'
'Quivering now, shivering now, withering, your mind won't let you say that you're wondering now, pondering now, hungering'
'Because your living through association, has been getting you high, you'd sell your soul, for just a taste of the life'
'My conviction is stronger today as I fight to uncover your sacred lie, and the fear isn't going away as the soldiers still die'
'You've made a rockstar of me, gave me this wicked life'
'Its not enough, to have a little taste, I want the whole damn thing now, can you dig it?'
'Fought the feeling then, I gave in again, sweet surrender to the angel I denied'

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