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Can you name the Canadian Prime ministers important facts?

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Forced Order
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Hint prime Ministerbla
Current Prime MinisterCon
Father of official BilingualismLib
Created the GSTCon
This b*$&%# only got four seatsCon
Created a balanced budgetLib
Created Bank of Canada and CBCCon
Drafted Military Sevice ActCon
Signed reciprocity with the USCon
Previously premier of Nova ScotiaCon
Won noble peace prizeLib
Introduced conscriptionCon
Hint prime Ministerbla
Gave the vote to First NationsCon
Introduced old age penisonsCon
Fought for french minority rights in ManitobaCon
Warned of the debt crisisCon
Played a large part in creation of NATOLib
Drafted terms of the BNA actCon
Introduced the secret ballotLib
Introduced Canada's Criminal CodeCon
Introduced the National Child BenefitLib
Fought for minority rightsLib
Lead Conservatives to their worst defeat Lib

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