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QUIZ: Can you name the Greek Gods and Goddesses?

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Goddess of Love
God of music, medicine, health, prophecies, poetry, and archery
God of war, murder and bloodshed.
Goddess of the hunt, wild things, and the moon
Goddess of wisdom, warfare, strategy, handicrafts and reason
Goddess of fertility, agriculture, grain and harvest
God of wine, parties/festivals, madness and merriment
God of the underworld and wealth
God of fire and the forge
Goddess of marriage, women, and childbirth
God of flight, thieves, mischief, commerce, and travelers
Goddess of the hearth and home
God of the sea
The king of the gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus and the god of the sky and thunder
God of the upper air.
The nothingness from which all else sprang.
The Keeper of Time
God of darkness and shadow.
Goddess of the Earth
Goddess of daylight and the sun.
God of the west wind.
Goddess of night
God of the heavens

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