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Title character/Hero 
Fell into magic potion as child 
an unknown wine merchant 
Teacher of languages 
Psychologist Druids assistant 
Druid coming into blossom 
Bard, school teacher and scapegoat. 
Gallo-Roman Leader 
Inn landlord from the south of France 
A truant with Toutatis at his heels 
A fishfaced traitor  
Obelix's pet dog 
The Oldest Member of the Village. 
Main Druid character/supplier of magic potion 
Wife of Inn Landlord 
Gaulish Restaurateur in Rome 
Clandestine chief of the village of Lugdunum 
Famous sickle maker 
Golden sickle trafficker 
Fledgling hunter of young wild boars 
Schoolboy given a star for his bursting need to go to the toilet. 
Druid and rainmaker 
Druid Psychologist 
captain of a ship transporting cargos of menhirs from Armorica.  
Druid powder maker 
Gaulish dancer 
Shopmaker in Massilia 
Gaul Bandit 
Chef and poisoner 
Belgian Druid 
Fish Monger 
Fish Mongers Wife 
Chief of the Gauls 
Wife of the Chief of the Gauls 
Prefect of Tolosa 
Stressed-out building superintendent 
Roman legionary falling ill when Goths are coming 
Emperor of Rome's adopted son 
A donkey legionary 
Producer of burlesque shows 
Compendium camp. Sentry. 
Legionary disguised as a Gaul 
Ill tempered Roman general 
Tour Guide for Lutetian Nights 
Compendium camp. Sentry. 
First Centurion to appear in any story 
the centurion in charge of the Roman camp of Aquarium  
Head of Roman patrol 
Legionary getting ill with worry when barbarians are walking along the border 
Slumbering Roman Centurion 
Centurion in charge of the Compendium camp 
Sentry in the Compendium camp 
Took charge over the Totorum camp 
Gladiator trainer  
Roman Emperor 
Compendium camp. Sentry. 
Dumb, easily manipulated legionary 
right hand man to the First Centurion to appear in any story 
Roman general famous for voicing his opinions 
Breakdown man 
Prefect of the Gauls 
Roman General 
Emperor's special correspondent 
Prefect of Lugdunum 
Romantic Roman 
Young and brilliant architect 
The Prefect of Lutece,trades in golden sickles 
Wife of Romantic Roman 
Cousin of hero,from Brittany 
Egyptian architect 
One of the Goths 
Corsican Clan chief, expert in explosive cheeses. 
Goth kidnapper of Druids 
Queen of Egypt 
Egyptian Architect allergic to crocodiles 
Phoenician travelling merchant 
Goth General 
Son of pirate chief 
One of the Goths 
Iberian Chieftan 
Chief of a Goth faction 
one of the Goths 
Supreme Chief of the Goths 
Pirate philosopher 
Pirate Lookout 
one of the Goths 
Pirate Captain 
one of the Goths 
one of the Goths 
Egyptian Ship Captain whose orders are given in hieroglyphics 
one of the Goths 

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